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Hotel and Convent
We are sure that you will never check out again at Hotel am Ochsentor. You don´t have to. After all, we have everything you need and much more. Four restaurants, two star-chefs, an Enoteca and our convent ensure a thoroughly successful stay. All is placed in the middle of the historic center of Andernach, close to the Rhine.
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Culinary & activities
in Andernach
Ai Pero trattoria
La Dolce Vita is celebrated here! Homemade Pasta and Pizza from our “centerpiece” the wood fired pizza oven.
Reservations at +49 2632 9894060 or aipero.de
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Ai Pero Ristorante
In our Michelin starred Ristorante, Chef Nicholas Hahn conjures gourmet Italian cuisine on the plate. Buono! Reservations and information at +49 2632 9894060 or aipero.de
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Those who visit the Yoso, find themselves in the taste of Asia.
Michelin Chef Sarah Henke gives this kitchen wonderful new facets. Reservations at +49 2632 4998643 or yoso-restaurant.de
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Only a few understand their craft like Christian Eckhardt. The star chef surprises us with complex dishes. Reservations at +49 2632 9586750 or purs.com
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Junior Suite
from 145 €
Home Suite Home! You need space for yourself? We understand that and give you 45 harmoniously furnished square meters.
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Double Room
from 95 €
Not just sleep in a large and comfortable bed, also dream!
In our double rooms everyone feels like on cloud nine.
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Straight from Andernach
Ochsentor News
Hotel & Convent
The ox and the wall
Even if our hotel was build in only 2016, the place where it was build, is most certainly historical. Andernach is one of the oldest cities in Germany, where already Celts used to promenade. In Roman times Andernach quickly became a transshipment for close and long distance trade, especially for pumice stone, trass and basalt. The center of the city still is small but nice, a real eye catcher; in particular the excellently preserved city wall through which, once, sheeps and ox where forced. And right here is where our Hotel am Ochsentor is located.
“We are trying to convey a certain looseness, stiffness is not for us.”
Chef Nicholas Hahn
Picking permitted
It´s not that long ago, that you could view English lawn at the city wall in Andernach. Now, fruits, vegetables and herbs are growing there in a variety of colours and organic quality. Instead of “do not enter” its “picking permitted”. Everybody is allowed to harvest and weed. The people behind the project “Essbare Stadt” (engl. eatable city) changed public greenery and parks into agricultural land for everybody. At the beginning, there where 101 types of tomatoes and a lot of enthusiasm. Now, the Andernacher people have access to enjoy multiple fruit and vegetable varieties and appreciate, that they not only, are able to view the green of the city with their eyes, but to taste it with their tongues. Nature is finding its way into the city and with it many forgotten plant and fruits, above all, more quality of life. So, it´s no wonder, that Michelin awarded chefs Sarah Henke and Frank Seyfried as well as host and chef Christian Eckhardt enjoy such an environment.

Usually we are not fans of the superlative, but for this next one, we will gladly make an exception. May we introduce, the biggest cold-water geyser: The Andernacher geyser. Every two hours you are able to view an approximately 60m high water fountain which easily can keep up with (hotwater-) fountains at the Yellowstonepark or in Iceland. A spectacle, which you shouldn´t miss and which you can reach within a few minutes from our Hotel. Isn´t this great? We think so, too. And if you are hungry, from your trip, the way back to our Hotel and one of its four restaurants Ai Pero Ristorante, Ai Pero Trattoria, Yoso and PURS, isn’t long.
Legendary Courage
Who visits Andernach, will “meet” the baker´s boys “Fränzje” and “Döres”, because the Andernacher citizens have immortalized the two boys with statues and wells at the Rhein gate and market place. Which part of this legendary story is true and which false is impossible to tell anymore; but nevertheless, the story is absolutely enjoyable: During one night in the year 1474 a bunch of belligerent Linz citizens ambushed Andernach. Whilst the Andernacher people were asleep safe and sound Fränzje and Dörres put to rout the attackers all by themselves. Their weapons? Beehives, which they threw on to the intruders. Afraid of the enraged bee swarms the enemies ran away, some of them even fell into the river Rhein.

We are talking about none other than Charles Bukowski, whose shameless texts still separates the masses. For some he is a star, others think his work lacks of style. What a lot of people don´t know: He was born as a son to an US Army soldier and a German in Andernach. Matter less how you think of Bukowski: It most definitely is a good idea to visit his birth house.
For a long time it was frowned upon, now it is trending again: Andernacher tongue. Dedicated guardians of the dialect take care, that “die Sproch bestoon bleift un nit janz verlore jäht” Didn´t get it? No worries: At the Hotel am Ochsentor we are able to speak English… At least sometimes
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